Know Your Hand

In Poker

Poker is a fun yet challenging game. Though your hand (the cards dealt to you) is pure luck, how you win with those cards totally depend on you. It is easy to get confused and think you have a good hand and start calling. However it is only in the end when its show down time, do you realize other have an equally good or even a better hand.

When you are new to this wonderful mind cum card game, you may be a little lost and not know when to declare your cards. Here are the various hands that can help you win a game. lets start with the strongest hand and move on to the weakest.

Royal Flush

This is where all the royals are together. Your hand should have a ten, jack, queen, king and an ace, all of the same suite. This is the strongest hand and is a sure win.

Two Pair

In this hand you must have two pairs. The suites does not matter and same goes for the fifth card.

One Pair

As the name suggests, you must have a pair of any kind. The suite is not considered and so are the other three cards.

Four Of A Kind

Four of them will not be unique while the fifth can be any card. If it is a king, you must have all the four kings from the four suite and the fifth card can be any number from any suite.

Three Of A Kind

Here you should have three cards of one kind while the last two cards can be anything. (ex: three fours of three different suites)


This is a hand where all your five cards belong to the same suite. The cards need not be in sequence but must belong to a single suite.

Straight Flush

It is 5 in sequence of the same suite. It can be a five, six, seven, eight and nine or any other five cards in sequence. But they should all belong to the same suite.

Full House

The next strongest hand will be a full house. This is when you have three cards of one kind from three different suites while the other two cards should be of another kind. (ex: three kings and two tens)


In this hand, all the five cards should be in sequence. The suite does not matter. If your hand starts with a two, it should go on till six (2,3,4,5,6). The suite does not matter here.

When Players Have Similar Hands

When many players are playing, there will definitely be times when two or more players have the same hand (ex: a straight flush). In such a case the highest card of the hand, in this case the highest card of the straight flush will win.

For ex: if a player has a straight flush from 2 to 6, it will be called a flush to 6. If another player has a straight flush from 6 to 10, it will be called a flush to 10. Here the highest card is 10 and hence the flush to 10 will be declared the winner.

5. High Card

When no player at the table has any of the above listed hands, everyone has to showdown their cards. The player with the highest card will win. If more than one player has the same high card (ex: a king) the next highest cards of these players are compared and the highest card holder is declared the winner. The high card is considered the weakest hand and only when all the players have such a weak hand can this be used.

Go All In

When you are playing poker and are having a bad game, you may not have enough chips to cover the bet that has been called. As a rule of the game, one must “call” the bet placed by another player, meaning they must match the bet raised by another player. In case of insufficient funds, where you don’t have the required number of chips to call the bet, you must bet everything that you have left. This is called going all in. When a player goes all in and wins the bet, he is eligible only for the portion up to his final wager amount. The remaining amount is dealt with by the other players and this s called a side pot. When there is more than one player who goes all in, there will be more than one side pot.